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Our Women's 1:00 PM Bible Study will begin studying the Book of Exodus Monday July 8th. We hope you can join us!

Our Wednesday Morning Bible Study will begin a new topic: "Faith on the Edge-The Unexplained". This study will deal with such topics as: Miracles, Mystical Events, Dreams, Near Death Experiences, Demons. and Angels. We will examine them from the point of view of science and study what God's Word have to say. This Bible Study is best for teens and older.

We now offer Bible Study on Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 PM beginning July 10th. Our first topic of study will be this multi-media presentation: "The Intersection of Church and State" produced by the Lutheran Hour. We will discuss how we the Church can work together with government in a God pleasing way. All are invited to join us

The Lutheran Hour has been broadcasting since 1930:

Lamb of God Sponsors a Room at Carriage Town Ministries:

Since 1950 Carriage Town Ministries has opened it’s doors to the hurting and homeless men, women, and children in mid-Michigan. Their mission is to “provide help, hope, and the Good News to our community through the skills and means of God’s people and the transforming power of Christ’s love.” Lamb of God is glad to announce that through a generous donation to our LWML, and other donations from members, we are able to sponsor a room that will be used for women and children who are in need of temporary housing. We have provided furniture, bedding, blankets and other necessities. The donation has come in memory of Louis Malik. Join us in prayer as we ask God to provide further ways and means we can help this local ministry.  To learn more about them visit:

Church closing and event cancellation can now be found at: or on their mobile app.



If you are a member of Lamb of God Lutheran Church or a friend of Lamb of God and are also a member of Thrivent Financial Services. You may be eligible to have Thrivent directly donate additional funds to Lamb of God through their Choice Program at no additional charge. Contact your Thrivent Associate for additional information.…/living-generous…/thrivent-choice/